Intuitive, Powerful, Appealing & Clean

Multitalent software
at your fingertips

Intuitive, Powerful, Appealing & Clean

Multitalent Software At Your Fingertips

Introducing - The Falcon - The new standard in easy SMD equipment operation software. Falcon is the marketing name of the Essemtec’s state of the art ePlace software based on the “eez-technology” architecture. ePlace is specifically designed for touch screen based operation (SEMI standards). The clearly structured layout is identical on all screens and contains a large graphical section, combined with a parameter and soft key area. All elements are optimized for the use of 21” wide touch screens.



Multitalent Software
at your Fingertips

State of the art, full graphics,  21.5”, 16:9 HD wide touch screen, fingertip operation, universal CAD conversion,
zoom at camera windows, all-in-one job planning, setup optimisation, stock management, ERP/MES connection,
data analysis, line management and more.

ePlace is based on job management with archiving system from which other functions are build up, such as job planning module, setup optimization routine, setup list generator, component storage management and more. A barcode reader is used for feeder setup and replenishment, which is the quickest and safest way to assign a component to a feeder.


With the strategical partner Cogiscan, the product CO-Nect and the eStorage standard interface, process integration is easy. Over a world wide recognised middleware backbone system Cubus can be integrated into all Essemtec pick-and-place and dispensing solutions as well as any other production equipment from 3rd party venders. Connection to ERP, SAP, main stock or custom solutions are also possible.


The new eMIS Management Software Suite for SMT production includes functions for job planning, feeder setup optimization, stock management, traceability, operational data analysis, line management and much more. With eMIS, managers and operators can keep track of actual, future and past production. Flexible interfaces simplify integration into your existing ERP and MES environment.


Essemtec Industry 4.0

The terms digitalization, miniaturization, internet of things, networking, automation and rationalization
of jobs are the most commonly used. Industry 4.0 is by no means an end in itself for industry; The term
is closely linked to clear economic goals, new opportunities and withdrawal in the global competition.

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Naturally adaptive

Eez-Technology allows easy and intuitive control of highly complex processes used in high-mix SMD production environments. It combines state-of-the-art .net software technology and an integrated database with a clear and structured graphical user interface. This interface visualizes in real time actual production runs and gives clear information about the current status. Essemtec offers you a fully modular hardware concept and a powerful SMART software suite for all requirements of a modern electronic manufacturing environment. Start with a basic SMT assembly line and expand either with hardware for additional features or with intuitive easy to use software. Upgrade with our SMART suite modules as you require them, adapting capability to your business needs while protecting your past investments.