Compact, Stable, Uniform & Efficient

Reliable convection
reflow ovens

Compact, Stable, Uniform & Efficient

Full convection
reflow ovens

We introduce - The Lizard - Demands for a modern oven are not only in soldering and curing, but in particular in zone regulation, storing of profiles and the extra high air circulating volume for complex PCB. The RO-Ovens use full convection only to heat PCBs homogeniously. 400 mm process width, integrated microprocessor for profile control and storage, optional flying thermocouples, temperature recording directly on the board level guarantee a flawless repeatability of soldering profiles.

Control Board counter optional with sensor or standard with SMEMA
  Temperatur regulation Adjustable from 20° to 290°C for each single zone
PCB PCB handling Mesh belt or RO400FC-C Pin Chain
  Substrate width 10 - 400 mm (0.39 - 15.8”), -C 60 - 400 mm (2.4-15.8”)
Conveyor Speed 100 - 800 mm/min, Slow speed 10-200 mm/min
Process Heated length 1‘620 mm (63.8”)
Dimensions Floor space 2‘800 x 914mm (110.2 x 36“)

Simply simulate new soldering tasks and save your existing profiles.
Overlay temperature curves measured on the PCB graphically. And much more...


Optional Equipment
for our Ovens

Not just in SMT production, but in many other fields, our ovens ensure reliable processes.
A lens manufacturer for eyeglass lenses found problems in the constant heat supply of conventional ovens.
By using Essemtec ovens a crucial loss of material could be avoided.

Review from Essilor

Granting spectacle wearers optimal vision in all circumstances with high-class and innovative lenses; that’s what Essilor campaigns for with over 55,000 employees in 62 countries. Based on over 155 years of experience, Essilor develops and supplies products carefully adapted to peoples varied requirements.

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Naturally adaptive

Soldering of complex SMD boards and new package technologies requires a well-controlled soldering process. Equipped with 5 special oven steel hot air convection modules (four top/one bottom within the reflow zone). Each module contains a high volume blower in the heat- and cooling zones. Combined with a unique air flow, an optimal heat transfer is achieved. The convection technology uses vertical laminar flow, which offers an efficient heat transfer with lowest delta T values suitable for lead free solders as well.