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Pick and Place, Dispensing, Reflow & Storage

HIGHLY Flexible
smt solutions

Essemtec leads the industry in adaptive SMT pick-and-place equipment for both high-speed- and micro-dispensing, as well as an intelligent production storage and logistic systems. Our products are equipped with user-friendly software packages, enabling flexible mounting and dispensing design that is unique in the market, as well as extensive and efficient material management.
The combination of printed circuit board (PCB) placement accuracy, speed, and high-quality engineering makes our offerings unique. Equipped with the most up-to-date technology, Essemtec products allow easy programming and operation for a wide range of applications.

naturally adaptive

2003 Founded on November 3rd
2004 First machine sold as Essemtec USA in January
2004 2M in sales,  68 machines  (printers, pick and place and ovens)
2004 Essemtec USA covered all states with sales reps by June
2004 Attended Apex with a 10x20 booth: CSM7000, CLM9000, RO06, RO300FC, and SP003ML
2005 Moved into current office in Pitman, NJ
2012 Machines in ACI Technologies for IPC standards
2016 Award - Global Technology - FOX Pick and Place System
2017 New Service Management for North America
2018 Award - New Product Introduction - TARANTULA Dispenser


Contact Essemtec USA

Bryce Timms
Managing Director Essemtec USA
300 5th Ave
Waltham, MA 02451
Phone: +1 856 218 1131
Mobile: +1 330 416 9070


Quintin Armstrong
Service Manager North America
Phone: +1 561 735 1660


Don Jeka
Business Development Manager US
Phone: +1 603 426 6172

Quintin Armstrong
Service Manager North America
Phone: +1 561 735 1660

Kevin Bagaline
Area Sales Manager
Phone: +1 737 888 4882

Frank Santos III
Area Sales Manager
Phone: +1 408 442 9362

Enrique Gomez
Area Sales Manager
Phone: +1 619 844 4544


  • Lean, integrated and goal-oriented processes
  • Integration of all employees
  • Proactive quality planning and goal definition
  • Extensive internal auditing and monitoring of results
  • Continuous improvement of the whole organization

Our integrated management system is certified according to ISO 9001 (quality management)
and OHSAS 18001 (safety and occupational health).”

Our Partners

ACI Technologies   ACI Technologies Inc. (ACI) - Scientific Research Corporation

Global SMT & Packaging    Global SMT & Packaging - SMT & Advanced Packaging Professionals

Review from Marshall Space Flight Center

The Electrical Fabrication & Assembly Facility is part of MSFC and provides printed circuit assembly and cable fabrication all the way through chassis assembly and integration. The FOX 1 is aiding MSFC in the building of engineering test boards and prototyping for the space station.

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Review from Essilor

Optimal vision in all circumstances with high-class and innovative lenses; that’s what Essilor campaigns for with over 55,000 employees in 62 countries. Based on over 155 years of experience, Essilor develops and supplies products carefully adapted to peoples varied requirements.

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