Smt Applications
realized on our machines

We are inspired by nature`s incredible adaptability! Demanding flexibility in modern SMT Productions has a wide range of daily challenges. Therefore our Equipment is widely adaptable. For some applications special machine attachments and optional features may be necessary. Contact us for further information.

Essemtec Puma SMT Pick-and-Place

SMD Pick-and-Place

SMD placement of various components in real-time.

glue jetting

High-speed SMT glue jet dispensing of various dot sizes.

Solder Paste Jet Printing - Dispensing

solder paste jetting

High-speed solder paste jet printing of various dot sizes.

combined jetting

High-speed jetting of multiple fluids in one pass through.

chip underfill

Chip Underfill with different valve setups.

3D dispensing

3D contact dispensing with automatic laser adjustment.

dam and fill

High aspect ration dam and fill in one single pass through.

2.5D assembly

2.5D flexible SMT mounting for stacked assemblies.

substrate cavities

Paste dispensing and SMT assembly on molded lead frames.

silver epoxy

Jetting of various line widths and patterns with one setup.

led encapsulation

Jet encapsulation of LED packages with phosphor silicone.

3d gasketing

3D gasketing with Time-Pressure or Screw Valve.

humidity control

Automatic SMD storage and humidity control of all reel sizes.

led assembly

Learn more about Essemtec's LED assembly solutions.