Strong, Flexible, Adaptive & Modular

Relentless Strong

Strong, Flexible, Adaptive & Modular

Relentless pick-and-place & Dispensing

Introducing - The Puma - State of the art technology. Expandable in any direction. Same as in nature our Puma is common modular and adaptive in all kinds of environment. With different modules the systems grow synchronously with the customer’s requirements for performance and processes. Puma is world`s best highspeed Pick-and-Place solution which can also be used in ultraflexible, rapid prototyping development.

    Puma Puma2 Puma4
Productivity Optimum placement speed 6’700 cph (1-axis) 11’200 cph (2-axes) 18’100 cph (4-axes)
  Optimum jetting speed   145‘000 Dots/h  
Feeder Feeder capacity 8 mm Tape 260 (140 inline) 260 (140 inline) 280 (160 inline)
Components Component size range   01005 - 33 x 33 mm (optional up to 80 x 80 mm)
Accuracy Placement accuracy (x, y)   50 μm @ 3σ  
PCB Max. PCB dimensions 560 x 610 mm (22 x 24“) optional 1’800 x 610 mm (71 x 24“)  
Dimensions Machine footprint   1’557 x 1’357 mm (61 x 53“)  

Multitalent Software
at your Fingertips

State of the art, full graphics, 21.5”, 16:9 HD wide touch screen, Windows 10 - 64 bit, fingertip operation,
universal CAD conversion, zoom at camera windows, all-in-one job planning, setup optimisation,
stock management, ERP/MES connection, data analysis, line management and more.

Review From Beflex GmbH

An investment in an appropriate machine park is almost inevitable, even if this is not part of the company’s core business. Beflex Electronic GmbH identified this problem and has solved it for their customers: They offer a prototype production within five working days from order to delivery.

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    Gasketing, Globe Top,
Encapsulation, Solder Paste,
SMD-Adhesive, Silver Epoxy,
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Globe Top, Dam and Fill,
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Solder Paste, SMD-Adhesive,
Globe Top, Encapsulation,
Silver Epoxy, Dam and Fill
SMD-Adhesives, Underfill,
Silver Epoxy, UV-Adhesives,
Globe Top, Encapsulation,
Solder Paste
Solder Paste, Dam and Fill,
    High Viscosity Low - High Viscosity High Viscosity Low - High Viscosity Low - High Viscosity  
    Up to 28.000 dots/h Up to 28.000 dots/h Up to 20.000 dots/h Up to 150.000 dots/h Up to 80.000 dots/h  


Naturally adaptive

Configurable heads with 1, 2 or 4 placement-axes. 2,5D and 3D dispensing and jetting, High resolution digital vision system with auto component teach-in and irregular ball recognition. Full operator support - Automated error analysis & KPI. Training, support and troubleshooting via advanced remote access. Investment protection; all options and heads retrofittable. Multi flexible feeder, multi lane cassette or highly accurate single lane feeder. Tape, Stick, Strip, Tray slider. Largest component spectrum; 01005 up to 80 x 80 mm, height up to 25 mm.