Precise, Strong, Adaptive & Versatile

Relentless All-Terrain
Jet Dispenser

Precise, Strong, Adaptive & Versatile

Process Maximum dispensing speed Piezo Jet Valve: 145‘000 dots/h
    Pneumatic Jet Valve: 77‘000 Dots/h
    Time/Pressure Valve: 26‘000 Dots/h
    Archimedean Screw Valve: 22‘000 Dots/h
  Dispensing mode Dot, line, curve, interpolated 3D contour
Accuracy Placement XY dots ±40 μm (3σ)
  Positioning Z axis ±20 μm (3σ)
PCB PCB dimensions 560 x 610 mm (22 x 24“)
Dimensions Machine footprint 1’557 x 1’357 mm (61 x 53“)

Multitalent Software
at your Fingertips

State of the art, full graphics,  21.5”, 16:9 HD wide touch screen, fingertip operation, universal CAD conversion,
zoom at camera windows, all-in-one job planning, setup optimisation, stock management, ERP/MES connection,
data analysis, line management and more.

Review from Hekatron GmbH

Industry 4.0 increasingly encourages the remote observation and inspection of systems. Hekatron assembles its products exclusively in Germany. They currently use Essemtec “Spider” & "Tarantula" dispensers to conduct the dispensing applications for their SMD large-scale production in Sulzburg.

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    Time-Pressure Volume Screw Piezo Jet Pneumatic Jet  
    Gasketing, Globe Top,
Encapsulation, Solder Paste,
SMD-Adhesive, Silver Epoxy,
Dam and Fill
Underfill, Gasketing,
Globe Top, Dam and Fill,
Solder Paste
Solder Paste, SMD-Adhesive,
Globe Top, Encapsulation,
Silver Epoxy, Dam and Fill
SMD-Adhesives, Underfill,
Silver Epoxy, UV-Adhesives,
Globe Top, Encapsulation,
Solder Paste
Solder Paste, Dam and Fill,
    High Viscosity Low - High Viscosity High Viscosity Low - High Viscosity Low - High Viscosity  
    Up to 28.000 dots/h Up to 28.000 dots/h Up to 20.000 dots/h Up to 150.000 dots/h Up to 80.000 dots/h  


Naturally adaptive

Integrate into high speed lines and highly complex dispense applications. Three processes at the same time. Plug and Play for valve change. Piezo Jet Valve - super high speed for low viscosity. Solder Jet, Volume Displacement, Time/Pressure, Archimedean Screw Valve. Full operator support - Automated error analysis & KPI. Training, support and troubleshooting via advanced remote access. Investment protection; all options and heads retrofittable.