HIGHLY Flexible
smt solutions

Wildlife consistently shows us with breathtaking flexibility how nature can adapt itself to the many different demands of its environment; that is what inspires us! Essemtec AG is a privately owned company with its development and production site in Switzerland. The product portfolio comprises of production equipment for electronic assembly and more. Our high tech solutions can be adjusted quickly and easily to meet wide ranging requirements; we are therefore able to respond to all manner of customer requests.

Fully Integrated
Line Solution

Essemtec offers flexible, scalable and affordable line solutions for both large companies as well as small and medium sized enterprises. A customer can start with a stand-alone solution and expand in any direction to match the growth of his company over the years.

Cell Solution

Essemtec offers highly flexible cell solutions. The multifunctional (MFC) stand-alone module manages different processes, pick-and-place plus dispensing, in one system. The extremely high feeder count and a super high flex concept makes it the perfect solution for small batch, prototype and many other production requirements.