Our core business is: adaptive highly flexible SMT Pick-and-Place equipment, elaborate Dispenser suitable for both high speed dispensing and micro dispensing as well as an intelligent production material storage and logistic system.
All our products are equipped with a sophisticated software package. This software provides an extensive and efficient material management. Beyond that it establishes a level of user friendliness and creative leeway in the mounting and dispense design that is unique in the market. Our solutions are found on five continents and in many different environments.

Fully Integrated
Line Solution

Essemtec AG offers a modular machine concept which allows for flexible, scalable and affordable line solutions. Large EMS contractors as well as small and medium sized enterprises profit from adaptive production processes. Starting with a stand-alone solution and expand in any direction to match the growth of your company over the years.

Cell Solution

Multifunctional stand-alone modules (MFC) integrate into your existing production as the centerpiece of a highly flexible cell solution. One platform combines different processes such as pick-and-place plus dispensing. Extra high feeder count multiplied with a super high flex machine concept represent a perfect solution for small batch, prototype and many other production requirements.

Naturally adaptive

The modular machine concept enables far-reaching possibilities for your company. New platforms offer configurable heads with various placement or dispensing axes, depending on the module. Structured component storage and full traceability are a must have on all levels of your manufacturing. Maximum Operator Support, Automatic Failure Analysis & KPI help you to optimally evaluate the performance of your machine. Essemtec's staff will provide training, support and troubleshooting to the best of their conscience.