Unique Webinar for smt shows endless possibilities

Join us in a unique webinar. We will stream live for our customers and partners from the headquarters at Essemtec. In our 45 min sessions Essemtec presents their world wide first and unique Archerfish solution in live machine demonstrations and talks. You will learn about the market trends, the new possibilities in Pick and Place combined with a unique jet printing solution, how the future will demand dispensing and which crucial role this technology will play. In the multilevel meeting we present which answers Essemtec has for the cost reduction in production and time to market improvement. Live chat will give you the possibility to ask any questions with immediate response. Welcome to the Essemtec Webinar, Archerfish.

Pick and Place, Solder Paste jet printing,
Glue jetting and other process solutions
combined on a single platform



Thursday, August 27th 2020

Session 1:

CEST - Central European Summer Time - Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam - 8.00 h English

Session 2:

CEST - Central European Time - Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam - 11.00 h Deutsch

Session 3:

CEST - Central European Summer Time - 14.00 h English /  EDT - Eastern Daylight Time - 8 am English

Session 4:

CEST - Central European Summer Time - 17.00 h English /  PDT - Pacific Daylight Time - 8 am English


You will find the recordings here