Fast, Flexible, Adaptive & Modular

Relentless Multi-
functional Pick-and-Place

Fast, Flexible, Adaptive & Modular

relentless multifunctional pick-and-place

Introducing - The Paraquda - 3 in 1 multifunctional production center. The Paraquda SMD pick-and-place system is designed for low/mid volume or NPI (new product introduction) high-mix productions. The Paraquda combines three different production steps within one machine platform (solder paste jetting and/or glue jetting and SMD assembly).

    Paraquda2 Paraquda4 Para-Doble
Productivity Optimum placement speed 8’200 cph (2-axis) 12’300 cph (4-axes) 24’600 cph (2x 4-axes)
  Optimum jetting speed   100‘000 Dots/h  
Feeder Feeder Capacity 8 mm Tape 240 (200 inline) 240 (200 inline) 400 inline
Components Component Size Range   01005 up to 40x40 mm (80 x 70 mm optional)
Accuracy Placement accuracy (x, y)   51 μm @ 3σ  
PCB Max. PCB dimensions   600 x 430 mm (23.6 x 16.9 ” )  
Dimensions Machine footprint 1300 x 1450 mm (51.2 x 57.1 ” ) 1300 x 1450 mm (51.2 x 57.1 ” ) 3040 x 1450 mm (118.1 x 57.1“)

Multitalent Software
at your Fingertips

State of the art, full graphics,  21.5”, 16:9 HD wide touch screen, fingertip operation, universal CAD conversion,
zoom at camera windows, all-in-one job planning, setup optimisation, stock management, ERP/MES connection,
data analysis, line management and more.

    Time-Pressure Volume Screw Piezo Jet Pneumatic Jet  
    Gasketing, Globe Top,
Encapsulation, Solder Paste,
SMD-Adhesive, Silver Epoxy,
Dam and Fill
Underfill, Gasketing,
Globe Top, Dam and Fill,
Solder Paste
Solder Paste, SMD-Adhesive,
Globe Top, Encapsulation,
Silver Epoxy, Dam and Fill
SMD-Adhesives, Underfill,
Silver Epoxy, UV-Adhesives,
Globe Top, Encapsulation,
Solder Paste
Solder Paste, Dam and Fill,
    High Viscosity Low - High Viscosity High Viscosity Low - High Viscosity Low - High Viscosity  
    Up to 28.000 dots/h Up to 28.000 dots/h Up to 20.000 dots/h Up to 150.000 dots/h Up to 80.000 dots/h  

Naturally adaptive

The Paraquda has the ability to be equipped with a wide variety of dispensing valves for solder paste, adhesives or dam & fill materials. Prototypes are easily assembled without the need for stencils, reducing your turnaround time considerably. Expensive stepped stencils can also be eliminated with the dispensing of additional solder paste. It uses the same proven software as the Scorpion, and so delivers identical professional high speed dispensing solutions. Multi flexible smart intelligent feeder, multi lane cassette or high accurate single lane feeder. Tape, Stick, Strip, Tray slider. Fullly integrated Traceablity. Intelligent feeder system with barcoded set-up, allowing the changing feeders on-the-fly, combined with an impressive maximum of 240 feeder slots per machine, make this assembly system the ideal choice for low volume, high mix productions.