„What is new at SMT Nuremberg? Essemtec is new!”

Essemtec AG presents its new image and its new product portfolio at SMT Nuremberg...

Essemtec AG presents its new image and its new product portfolio at SMT Nuremberg. A new corporate identity incorporating a new corporate design has been developed. Wildlife consistently shows us how breathtakingly flexible nature can be in adapting itself to the many different demands of its environment. Essemtec is modelled on this ability for adaption, and has developed its systems based on the “naturally adaptive” principal.

Such evolution includes FOX4, which is being shown to the public for the first time at this SMT fair. With an optimal speed of 18’800 cph/h FOX4 enters the league of the high-speed lines.
There are a lot of innovations relating to production optimisation to see; modules with more feeder positions on the machine, new software based performance increases of up to 25 % (even on older machines) as well as, for the first time, tray and loose material management in the form of Cubus, the storage system from Essemtec and last, but definitely not least, the new valves and process optimisations that have been developed for our dispensers and jetters.

FOX4 multifunctional high-speed assembler
The Fox Pack consists of the starter modules FOX1 and FOX2, covering multifunctional applications with their jetting and dispensing heads. In addition, there is now the new module FOX4 which redefines the high-performance assembly in this sector.

Customers can, for example, start directly with a whole production line and a throughput of 49’600 cph/h without missing the high-flex prototype functions or the jetting of solder paste and glue. It’s also possible to start with a FOX1 and to extend the production in any direction over the lifetime of the system; this gives investment security.

FOX4 reaches an optimal speed of 18’800 cph/h and stated IPC speed of 16’100 cph/h. This was made possible thanks to the high-speed double linear motors, four mounting heads and a new digital high-speed double camera system. Four components, up to 12mm, are measured in parallel and the machine can also processes components up to 80 x 80mm and 25 mm height (optional). In the cell version 200 x 8mm feeders can be placed, while the line version take up to 140 feeders. In addition, making space for trays without impacting the number of the feeder positions is possible utilising the optional tray slider.
Furthermore, electrical verification of components is now available too. Finally, there’s also a new cleanroom cover and, thanks to the new software version 23, FOX1 and 2 now reach a 20% higher performance against the stated ICP.
At SMT Nuremberg Essemtec will present a line comprising of FOX2 and FOX4. The demonstration will include solder paste jetting, placement of the whole component range, 260 x 8mm feeder positions plus trays and 30’800 cph/h optimal speed – and all on just a two square meter foot print!

Cubus: Now an even more flexible component storage system
Cubus is one of the most successful storage systems on the market. Essemtec just recently received another frame contract for 100 systems from a large customer.
The application range of Cubus has been extended and it is now possible to process and store boxes too. The content of the boxes can consist of trays, loose material or even small sticks. The intelligent software package guarantees that all parts are properly separated.

The storage system can also process roll spindles; components for specific jobs can be cleanly combined with these spindles. The simultaneous removal of several rolls is possible and the available space in Cubus has been increased to a maximum of 1540 x 8mm rolls.

The dispensers “Spider” and “Scorpion” are very well established in the market. That’s why they are used by companies such as Zollner, Deltec, Osram, Panasonic and other global, multinational manufacturers.
Essemtec will present new valves at SMT. One is the Archimedean Screw valve with a large application range. Water and other media, up to the viscosity of toothpaste, can be dispensed through the same valve with the utmost process safety. New needle heaters and filling level controls also form part of the presentation.

Falcon software
There’s a new version of the proven ePlace Software offered by Essemtec under the market name “Falcon”. The main feature of version 23/24 is the increase in assembly performance. The Essemtec software developers have tried to minimise all machine downtime within the mounting cycle. This upgrade was developed not only for the new FOX platform, but also for the existing Paraquda and Cobra products. Beta tests made at customer sites have shown that the assembly performance on real products can be increased by 15-28%.

There are definitely a lot of new products for you to discover on the Essemtec booth # 318 in hall 4 at SMT Nuremberg. Make sure you take time to attend our little “Theatro”, presented on the hour, every hour, throughout the show. So, please come along and be surprised; the Essemtec team is very much looking forward to your visit.

Picture 1: New FOX2 und FOX4 high-speed line with up to 49'600 cph/h
Picture 2:  Mounting head FOX4 with double digital camera system
Picture 3: Innovative box system allows Cubus to process trays and loose materials in bags
Picture 4 Spindel to be managed inside the Cubus.
Picture 5: Falcon software – consisting of ePlace, eStorage, eMis for up to 25 % more assembly performance


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„What is new at SMT Nuremberg? Essemtec is new!”

Essemtec AG presents its new image and its new product portfolio at SMT Nuremberg...

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