Tarantula - Essemtec‘s Dispenser Innovation 2018

Tarantula, Essemtec’s high-speed dispenser, will have its world premiere at SMT Nuremberg...

Tarantula, Essemtec’s high-speed dispenser, will have its world premiere at SMT Nuremberg. This machine is a further development following on from the successful Spider and Puma systems, which Essemtec have introduced to the market over the past two years, in dispensing range.

Tarantula has been specifically developed to dispense for very large PCBs with a high dot performance, and is based on different dispense processes that can be run simultaneously.

In 2014 Essemtec conducted a market survey with big multinational companies who were applying dispense technologies. It was all about finding out what ranges and processes this technology could be applied in the future and where the biggest profit would be.

  • To dispense solder pastes with up to 300 μm dot size
  • To dispense glue with high flexibility
  • Replacement of solder paste preforms
  • Replacement of step stencils, steps upwards as well as downwards
  • To dispense in cavities
  • To glue PIP components
  • To spare stencils in the case of layout changes
  • Glue dots on components for fixing
  • To re-dispense in case of bad stencil print
  • Underfilling processes
  • Die attach
  • Package on package
  • Glob dot , other processes etc

  The machine had to fulfil the following requirements:

  • At least three dispense processes on the same platform (e.g. gluing, solder paste, glob dot)
  • Over long PCBs, such as LED boards up to 1,8 m
  • Various processes simultaneously on the same machine
  • Process safe with automated process control, 3D dispensing with big hub
  • Small foot print, minimal maintenance, complete reliability
  • Easiest program generation
  • Open platform for the integration of third supplier modules
  • Industry 4.0
  • Future proof

Essemtec addressed all these points when developing the Tarantula Platform.

tarantula logo

Tarantula is the world’s first high-speed dispensing platform that can be also applied in ultra-flexible, fast prototype production; especially for jetting solder paste. With an IPC dot performance of 145’000 dots/h jetting glue the machine fits into the high-performance field. Today, many Essemtec Spider dispensing platforms (the little brother of Tarantula) are standing in super high-speed line at companies such as Sick, Osram, NXP, etc. Additionally, and after a long period of evaluation, market-leading companies such as Rohde und Schwarz in both, Memmingen and Vimperk, as well as Hekatron, the largest German smoke detector provider who also operates in the EMS business,  decided already  in favour of Tarantula even before the market introduction at SMT Nuernberg.

There are five valve technologies to choose from, and with the plug and play method all heads can be retrofitted or changed over on site.

Essemtec Dosierventile

Time-Pressure                   Volume              Screw             Piezo Jet        Pneumatic Jet  

Picture 2: Valves and pumps for Puma and Tarantula e.g. jetting of glue and solder paste, glob dotting with volume valve.

The newly implemented linear motor technology paired with the material “Epument”, used for the mineral cast frame, gives a speed increase of up to 52.5% versus the previous model. The updated vibration absorption, through the mineral cast frame, guarantees consistent high accuracy over many years of use. Replacing the traditional spindles and belts with linear motor technology also means that required maintenance is significantly reduced. Additionally, the assembly and dispensing processes are displayed on the same X/Y system.

Another positive consequence of this modular machine concept is that it allows the owner to grow in every direction according to his specific requirements. Be it with the installation of further pick and place assemblers, or with the addition of dispensing heads to increase capacity, or alternatively with the purchase of additional options to further increase the machines flexibility. The customer also has investment flexibility, because they only need buy exactly what is required today. They can let the machine grow and change together with the company in matters such as assembly performance, technologies and processes.

tarantula dispenser line
Picture 3: Tarantula with jetting of up to 145'000 dots/h in a Puma line

But it’s not only the hardware that gone high-tech; many points of the software have also been optimised. The user will find a clearly structured interface on a big touch screen monitor, which is as easy to operate as a smart phone. A consequence of this user friendliness is that it enables the operator to process both simple assembly groups as well as more complex projects with mixed processes, 2.5D applications and so on, all direct on the machine. At the same time they are fully supported, where needed, with interactive context help. An on-line KPI function and an external on-line analysis of the machine’s condition, parameters, sensors, motors and camera pictures etc, are all available on this latest generation of SMD assemblers. The management can check the efficiency of the machine at any time and Essemtec also offers on-line support service.

The software has gateway connections to guarantee connectivity in production – it is available for either an active exchange of process and production data or the execution of commands. Following requests for digitalisation in production the gateways are under constant development; Industry 4.0.


Investment protection: I buy only what I need right now and will expand the machine step by step later; but I will never obstruct the innovative way of my company.

Application: I no longer have to consider whether the company should buy either a prototyping/small batch size machine or a midrange machine. Tarantula: The all-in-one concept.

Processes: Tarantula can be upgraded with additional dispensing axis. Tarantula: All-in-one. Thereby different dispensing technologies can be applied off the reel.

One system: I can grow from very small to really big with the same platform. No system change is necessary.

innenraum tarantula
Picture 4: Tarantula interior

Learn more about Puma and Tarantula at SMT Nuremberg 2018, hall 4, booth 318

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