From 0 to 150.000 Piezo-jet valve dots in 14 days: Essemtec AG supplies the EMS service provider Turck duotec with a High Speed Dispenser machine in record time

In mid-April Philipp Mirliauntas, Chief Sales Officer at Turck duotec, therefore contacted the Director of Sales Jürg Schüpbach of Essemtec AG...

Werner Turck Essemtec Printed Circuit Board

In order to fully utilize the SMT production capacities of the EMS service provider Turck duotec, especially for the medical technology sector, in the wedding of the corona pandemic, the Swiss machine manufacturer Essemtec AG delivered and installed a high-speed dispenser in record time in April of this year. It took just two weeks from initial contact to commissioning.

The corona pandemic has brought stormy times to the electrical industry in recent months, which has had a corresponding impact on the order situation of EMS service providers. While the sharp drop in demand in the automotive industry almost led to a halt in orders, medical technology in the field of laboratory diagnostic and intensive care equipment experienced a real inflation in demand. As a result, chip-on-board (CoB) production at the Turck companies in Halver has been running at full speed for the medical technology manufacturers since the beginning of the corona pandemic. "In order to make the best possible use of the existing capacities in the CoB area, we needed an additional dispenser at very short notice", production manager Oliver Espig explains the situation. "And by "very short-term" I mean "immediately.

Essemtec Spider Dispenser

Pandemic pushes medical technology to its limits

In mid-April Philipp Mirliauntas, Chief Sales Officer at Turck duotec, therefore contacted the Director of Sales Jürg Schüpbach of Essemtec AG. Their High-Speed Dispenser Spider fulfilled exactly the technical requirements of the electronics manufacturers from the Sauerland region. Already in 2015, Werner Turck had invested in Essemtec's Paraquda Multifunctional Center, a combined placement and dispensing platform with high dispensing speed and accuracy at high throughput. In addition to the Paraquda, an Essemtec dispenser of the Spider type is also in use.

For Oliver Espig there was therefore only one option when choosing the additionally required system: "Our previous good experience with the Paraquda and the Spider, its user-friendliness and flexibility made the decision for the High-Speed Jetter and Dispenser from Essemtec easy for us". The machine manufacturer from Switzerland answered the quick decision in the Turck companies with an equally quick order processing. Just 14 days passed from Philipp Mirliaunta's call in Aesch, Switzerland to the delivery and commissioning of the dispenser at Kirchlöher Weg 1 in Halver.

Medizinal Technik Leiterplatte

Electronics production expands capacities

The machine is suitable for integration into high-speed lines and complex dispensing applications. It is characterized by a wide range of applications and is suitable for dispensing solder paste and SMT adhesive, LED encapsulation, silver epoxy resin, insulating and filling, underfilling, cavity filling, 3D dispensing via laser and height measurement. Dispensing is performed with two valves simultaneously, five valves (Piezo Jet, Solder Paste Jet, Piezo Flow, Time/Pressure, Archimedean Screw Valve) are optionally available. With the piezo jet valve, the Spider reaches 150,000 piezo points, in line mode up to two million per hour. Printed circuit boards in sizes from 50x50 mm up to 406x305 mm can be processed. The universal software supports intuitive operation with the 16:9 HD touch screen.

The fact that the machine was able to cross the border between Switzerland and Germany at such short notice and without a great deal of bureaucratic effort is in part due to the involvement of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) in Switzerland, which meant that an export customs declaration, which was complicated under other circumstances, was not necessary. "We would like to express our special thanks for the extraordinary commitment of the Essemtec team as well as that of our own employees. Thanks to the extra shifts on May holiday and on the weekend, we were able to work with the dispenser as early as May 5," praises Oliver Espig.

About Turck duotec GmbH:

Turning ideas into innovations - Turck duotec GmbH

Turck duotec is an E²MS (Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing Services) service provider and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) within the Turck group of companies. Founded in 1988, the company focuses on the development and manufacture of customer-specific electronic solutions in the fields of medical technology, building automation and mobility. The core competencies in electronics production include SMD assembly, chip-on-board (COB) technology, thick-film hybrid technology and system assembly.

In addition, the EMS service provider has extensive expertise in electronics protection by means of painting, potting or coating. For sterile use of medical devices, the company offers autoclavable overmolding with biocompatible hotmelts, thermoplastics or thermosetting plastics. Turck duotec is certified according to EN ISO 13485 and thus meets the requirements of a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical products.

The German headquarters are in Halver (North Rhine-Westphalia) with branches in Grünhain-Beierfeld (Saxony), Delémont (Switzerland) and Arteaga (Mexico). There are currently 1,180 employees at the development and production sites in Halver and Grünhain-Beierfeld.

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From 0 to 150.000 Piezo-jet valve dots in 14 days: Essemtec AG supplies the EMS service provider Turck duotec with a High Speed Dispenser machine in record time

In mid-April Philipp Mirliauntas, Chief Sales Officer at Turck duotec, therefore contacted the Director of Sales Jürg Schüpbach of Essemtec AG...

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